Music Video for Pen Gutt
Undercover is a song about the state one gets into when the only thing you can see is yourself. A dream-like state where you can't sense your surroundings.
Undercover was nominated for best music video at Amandus and Kortfilmfestivalen.
Directors: Sebastian Pandonis and Amund Teien-Lund (Myke Gutter)
Photo: Amund Teien-Lund
Edit: Sebastian Pandonis, Amund Teien-Lund, Gard Milde, Håkon Stubberud
Script: Sebastian Pandonis, Amund Teien-Lund
Sound: Erik Samkopf, Andrew Murray
Music: Håkon Stubberud, Erik Samkopf
Animation: Jesper Jansen
Production design: Sebastian Pandonis
Producer: Amund Teien-Lund