Clean as Fuck


❤️  Made with Henrik Billing

Brief: SNS has grown beyond the founder’s wildest imagination, so they wanted to find a way to give back to the city where it all started.

Solution: We figured SNS should do what they do best. A sneaker-collab. Not with a footwear company, but with Stockholms Trafikkontoret, a governmental organization responsible for ensuring that public spaces and streets are clean.

Gives streetwear a new meaning, doesn't it?

The Raffle

A “raffle” is Sneakersnstuff’s process for handling the release of shoes where the number of people who want to buy the shoes far exceeds the number we have to sell. In order to make the process as fair as possible we run a raffle where we randomly pick a number of people to be able to buy the shoe.

This time, sneakerheads have to take to the streets to enter the raffle.


The street cleaners of Stockholm will be pimped out in campaign material.