Pride Inside


❤️ Made with Ivan & William.

Brief: Due to coronavirus regulations Pride 2020 was cancelled. There were held talks and conferences online, but the real fun was missing.

Solution: To bring back the fun, we created Pride Inside, the world’s first digital pride parade. Anyone can join by using the popular duet feature on TikTok.  Marching together side by side, inside.

Why TikTok?

«Scrolling your way into LGBTQ TikTok is like going backstage, where young LGBTQ users have found a place to share their raw feelings with each other.»

︎︎︎ Washington Post

Duet feature

When you duet someone on TikTok, the original video is placed on the side of your video. If enough people walk and dance side by side, you’ll create a parade.


In addition to contacting big and small queer influencers, we created a TikTok-banner and two stories.