Hallå! ︎ I’m a Norwegian, Greek, and English Art Direction student at Berghs School of Communication. Soon I’ll be over 188 000 Swedish krona in debt and looking for somebody to pay me for coming up with ideas.

NB!⚠ My phone number is on here for aesthetic purposes only, PLEASE DO NOT actually call me. Thanks in advance.

︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Mojo Supermarket (2021)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Anorak Oslo (2020︎︎︎21)
︎One Club Mentorship ︎︎︎ Serviceplan (2020)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ ANTI (2020)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Dinamo (2019)

︎Art Director/Copywriter ︎︎︎ Berghs (2019︎︎︎21)
︎Design and Creative Writing ︎︎︎ Borups (2018) 

︎One Show Young Ones: Bronze
︎One Show Young Ones: Merit
︎Gullkalven: Student of The Year
︎Gullkalven: Commercial Gold
︎Gullkalven: Campaign Gold
︎Gullkalven: Social Media Gold
︎Gullkalven: Out of Home Bronze
︎Young Glory: Finalist
︎Young Glory: Finalist

︎ sebastianpandonis@gmail.com
︎ +47 412 69 949

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